Thursday, January 8, 2009

Should BART Police officials who let the killer walk away be fired?

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  1. Of course. They should be fired, tried for life in prison or the death penalty. Police in the US get away with too much. They kill in cold blood and can be acquitted. I have never heard of this. If I kill in cold blood, I get executed by the government. Why should police be held to a different standard? Are they superhuman, void of flaws, just because they are police.

    I am overwhelmingly sad that this man who was just beginning his life at 22, has just lost it at the hands of careless, nonchalant so-called providers of safety (to whom?). This man had children!! He had his whole life ahead of him. I don't think police understand the implications of their actions. I can't help but remember Amadou Dialo in this moment, when, in 1999, he was shot 41 times by 3 white officers. He was also unarmed. When police asked for his ID, he reached in his pocket to get it, and they thought he was pulling out a gun. It was his drivers license. THEY ASKED.

    When will this stop. My only temporary consolation is being assured that the current American biased "justice" system might be able to acquit that officer who killed Oscar Grant, but they cannot wipe his blood from his hands. And even then, there is no consolation, because ultimately that officer will be tortured for the rest of his life for what he did, or by a root of bitterness and guilt. The only person who wins is Satan.